England’s Traditional Country Crafts – Bowls and Spoons

Recently I was involved (behind the scenes) in the filming of the first of a new DVD series about some of “England’s Traditional Country Crafts”.  The first of the series is about green woodworking and making bowls and spoons.

DVD-sleevetif (Medium)

The series is being produced by School House Studios and the presenter is Dick Strawbridge from such TV series as “It’s Not Easy Being Green”.

Filming took place over a weekend and began early on Saturday morning with making the finish touches to our camp

P1020854 (816 x 612) (Small)

Filming included the history and use of  a pole lathe to turn wood for furniture making,

P1020863 (816 x 612) (Small)

here Dick learns how to turn a wine goblet,

Having-a-go (425 x 283)

and make bowls as demonstrated by Will Wall

Will (319 x 212)

Eric Rogers and Sue Holden talked about the history and styles of spoons and demonstrated how to make spoons.

ESD (425 x 283)

There was lots of preparation for each scene; deciding on location and back-drop, camera angles, and who should say and do what

P1020857 (816 x 612) (Small)

The DVD culminates with a meal we had cooked using goblets, plates, knives, spoons, candle stick holders and serving bowls all made from green wood.

P1020865 (816 x 612) (Small)


Meal(2) (591 x 443)

The DVD is still in the editing stage but will be completed soon and will be available to buy via School House Studios.


2 thoughts on “England’s Traditional Country Crafts – Bowls and Spoons

  1. we are looking for crafts atr our country festival 10th11th july further info please contact me

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