Collecting bark

While in the woods last weekend I decided to gather some bark for future projects.Its something I had been meaning to do a few months ago but had not found the time. I was a little concerned how well the bark would come off as we now enter Autumn. I chose to collect bark from Wych elm( although in East Anglia this is likely to be a hybrid). I found a stand of youngish trees forced to grow up straight and relatively branch free. I found that many had been flayed by deer.coppice

After felling a small tree ( about 3-4″ diameter) I took the sectioned trunk back to the craft area and began to scrape off the outer bark.peeling bark After cutting through the bark down the length of the trunk with my knife I made a simple tool to help ease the bark off. Stripping _Bark_2Here is the bark I managed to collect in just a short time. I will now hang this up to dry to work with at a later date.Birch_bark


One thought on “Collecting bark

  1. Hallo,

    I came across your blog while i was googling “collecting bark”. I’m off into the city (amsterdam) to collect what i call “city bark”. City bark being the layers of paint and glue and paper that gather on the walls and doors in cities.
    Originally from Australia, i have been wanting to make a city bark painting for some time now.

    I am curious what you use the bark you have collected for and what the procedures are?

    Thank you for your blog site,


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