Strawberry tea

This year has been very good for fruit and there have been rich pickings from the wild.One particular favourite are wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca) which make up for a lack in size by their delicious flavour.strawb_plant

I’ve been harvesting them since mid-May right through into August. My daughter is particularly adept at finding them ( I guess because she’s nearer to the ground) but not many of her strawberries make it back to the kitchen!collecting_strawbsStrawbs_in_bowl

We have been eating them as a topping to breakfast cereal,with pancakes and maple syrup and scattered in salads. In typical English fashion I decided to make a strawberry tea one afternoon. First I baked some scones in my dutch oven.Scones

While the kettle was on for a brew I lightly crushed the strawberries in a bowl,added a dash of balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of sugar and piled this fresh ‘jam’ onto buttered scones. Splendid!scones_jam


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