Family holiday

I’m probably not alone in the fact that other members of my family do not share the same enthusiasm for sleeping on the ground, eating all manner of wild things and taking my ‘call of nature’ well….as bears do! This year I think we found the perfect compromise for our family break. We experienced a Featherdown Farm holiday. Featherdown Farms are camping holidays which,as the name suggests, are all based on family farms.There  are about 20 sites around England which each have around 6-7 ready pitched tents. The tents have a certain ‘pioneer’ feel about them. They have wooden floors, brown canvas sides, a sink with a cold tap, a flushing loo, a wood burning cooking stove and all lighting is either oil lamps or candles.featherdown_tent

The farm we chose to stay on was in Kent on the High Weald,a particularly well wooded landscape.overthefields During our stay we cooked all our meals and heated all our water on the wood stove.Inside_tent The children played out practically the whole time, leaving the tent early in the morning to collect eggs and generally going ‘feral’.pond dipping

We could roam freely over the farm (120 acres) and could have picnic fires pretty much where we liked. I had access to lots of wood for spoon carving etc. and was lent a crayfish trap by the owners to use in the river that ran through the farm.jem_crayfish_basket And here are some cooked.cryfish_cookedOn a couple of nights the owners fired up the bread oven and we cooked pizzas and loaves.JemBread oven Here are some foraged mushrooms that were gathered in nearby fieldsmushrooms

There was a wealth of wildlife to see.My son and I went out tracking at dusk and were rewarded with close views of badgers, fallow deer and fox.

We spent a lot of time just living,doing the day-to-day ‘chores’ but returned utterly relaxed.


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