Crafts made using Spruce Pitch

As a final post before Kevin returns from his trip I thought I would just post pictures of some of my craft items. Specifically those made using the spruce pitch, Sweet Chestnut inner bark and some with rawhide.

I used one of the adzes to fell the Sweet Chestnut limb. Each flint head was positioned in place with pitch before binding with rawhide.

23092009 041This axe head was initially held in place with pitch before binding with rawhide.

23092009 039You can see the pitch holding the flint head in place on this small hatchet.

23092009 042The axe and hatchet side by side.

23092009 044The flint knife used to cut the bark strips was also held in place by pitch and a small piece of rawhide.

23092009 045From left to right:

My Atl atl – Antler tip bound with sinew and pitch.

Two Atl atl darts.

Two arrows

The knock on my Holmegaard bow – Rawhide, sinew (real and false) and pitch.

23092009 049The flights on the darts and arrows. I only attached the Atl atl flights in one place.

23092009 054My primitive belt order. Made out of Sweet Chestnut inner bark and a buckskin bag.

23092009 055The whole collection.

23092009 053

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for Kevin’s blog and look forward hopefully to writing some more in the future.




3 thoughts on “Crafts made using Spruce Pitch

  1. Great stuff George….Kevin will be well chuffed. BTW…do you use the same technique to harvest chestnut inner bark as is used for lime bark..? Cheers

  2. Thanks for the kind words Stuart.

    The removal of the bark is the same but I have never retted Sweet Chestnut bark for cordage, just used it for weaving. It may be worth a try in the Spring.

    Maybe someone else can answer that here?



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