Lapland autumn 2009 continued

This second set of pictures were taken by Eric as he flew over the area around the cabins in a light aircraft and will hopefully give you more of a feel for where my cabin is situated and the area around it.

IMGP2106 (Large)

Winding its way up the centre of this picture is the forest track which I use to get to my cabin.  The dark green areas are forest and the light green areas (some with water on are bogs and marshy ground.  There are a number of lakes in the area but to the right of the picture are a small group of lakes that I often walk to, and did walk there again during this visit.

IMGP2102 (Large)

The brown areas in the lower right corner of this picture are areas where the forest has been clear-felled by the national forest company, and the timber taken away to be processed into a variety of products.  The three small ponds to the left of the picture are on top of a small hill behind my cabin and it was while walking there that we found a bears den.

IMGP2101 (Large)

To give a better idea of where my cabin  is located within Northern Europe I have used a yellow place marker to show it on this map taken from Google Earth.

cabin location


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