Lapland autumn 2009 – 11th September

I begin the day carving a plate from a piece of Birch and then I took my boat out and rowed around the lake to take some pictures.

cabin from boat (Large)

We collected some blue berries (although known in Lapland as Blue Berry they are in fact Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus) and with the addition of some apple moose I had bought in town I decided to try and make fruit leather

applae moose and blueberries (Large)

I briefly cooked the berries and then strained them through a mesh bag to remove skins and seeds

extracting juice (Medium)

I mixed the apple and blue berries together and placed the mixture on an oiled, Teflon sheet in a tray

apple and blueberry mix (Medium)

I placed the tray in the oven of my woodburning stove with the door propped open about 20mm

woodburner stove (Large)

After 10 hours the mixture had dried to the perfect consistency

Blueberry and apple fruit leather (Small)

I cut it into one inch wide strips and stored it in a container in the cold room beneath the cabin.

We spent the evening with Teres’ mum at her cabin.  We found this large mushroom which is one of the Boletus family

large fungi (Small)

I forget what it is called in Swedish but Anki told me that you remove the outer part of the mushroom and only eat the thin white layer beneath which is made into a soup.

Bird species for the day were; 2 Meadow Pipit, 2 Willow Tit, 4 Mallard, 9 Crossbill, and 1 male Wigeon


2 thoughts on “Lapland autumn 2009 – 11th September

  1. Äppelmos not apple moose =)

    I got about 15 litres of Blåbär (blueberries), maybe I should do some leather aswell =)

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