Lapland autumn 2009 – 17th September

Teres’s children had been given time off school to join us at the cabin, to learn more about nature and improve their English.  Before driving back to the cabin I visited the Dollar Store to buy a variety of items with which the boys had to build boats to sail across the lake.

boat materials (Small)

In addition to the items I purchased they could also use any natural resources.

Seb and Emma where keen to try out my hammock

in the hammock (Small)

Emma spent more time trying to fall out of the hammock with much success I might add!!!

Emma in hammock (Small)

Ingvar had purchased a new axe shaft to replace one I had split

Ash shaft (Small)

so we went to Anki and Ingvar’s cabin to fit it and to have some lunch

P1020967 (816 x 612) (Small)

While splitting logs my chopping block had split in half and so Ingvar cut me a new one…..the easy way!!

Ingvar cutting new chopping block (Small)

Having spent some time teaching Seb how to use a firesteel he spent a lot of time trying to make fire and I was impressed at his determination to achieve fire…..and he did.

Seb with his first fire (Small)

In the evening the boys put their boats on the lake

Seb putting boat on lake (Medium)

and once the wind caught the sails we watched them race across the lake.

boats on lake

We had the perfect end to the evening with a nice display of the Northern Lights at about 10pm (unfortunately my picture isn’t as good as those of Tricia)

Northern lights


One thought on “Lapland autumn 2009 – 17th September

  1. The most dureable chopping block you get from the part of the log that had the most and biggest branches that way it is almost impossible to split!

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