Lapland autumn 2009 – 22nd September

I spent some time teaching Teres how to use a firesteel and while we were out collecting water from the spring, I challenged her to make fire and a pot of coffee.   So as not to pressure her I went walking in the forest.  I was walking along the edge of this marsh

across marsh (Small)

when I heard hurrru…..hurrru…..hurrru……hurrru repeatedly and something running in the forest in my direction.  I froze trying to see movement and decide what animal could be making the noise when suddenly 15 Reindeer came running out in front of me and across the marsh as though being chased by something.

There are some beautiful colours on the forest floor as the Blueberry leaves change colour ready to fall from the plant.

forest flora (Small)

When I returned to Teres the fire was burning and the coffee cooked

Teres making fire (Small)

We sat and drank coffee, enjoying the quiet of the forest

Coffee break in forest (Small)

Later in the day I was sitting outside the cabin sanding a kåsa when I heard a noise the other side of the car.  As I looked up a male Reindeer was standing there.  I grabbed the video camera and filmed him as he ran into the trees but did not have time to get a photograph.

there was a reindeer (Small)

I can only assume that he was attracted in to investigate the noise of me sanding.


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