Lapland autumn 2009 – 23rd September

We spent the morning collecting fallen trees from the forest for next years fire wood.  Its so much easier to drag them back when there are two people!!!

collecting wood (Small)

I also carried back the tipi poles and stored in the cabin roof.

I spent the rest of the morning sawing the trees into logs

Sawing logs (Small)

We drove to a small village about 10 miles from the cabin to buy some supplies.  As we returned I took a couple of pictures of the landscape around my cabin

view-1 (Medium)

view-2 (Small)

Later on I completed a Birch plate and kåsa

kasa and plate-1 (Medium)

kasa and plate-2 (Large)

I also had a half finished kåsa/kuksa which I took back to England and completed

kuksa-1 (Large)

kuksa-2  (Large) Kevin Warrington



9 thoughts on “Lapland autumn 2009 – 23rd September

    • Kasa is Swedish and kuksa Finnish. Kasa is the name given to a bur so anything made from a bur is called kasa. I however did not use bur wood to make these two. They are both made from a piece of Birch.

  1. They do not traditionally have finger holes. That is a modern conveyance, that sells to tourists and is easily machine made. Can you imagine trying to get gloved fingers in those little holes, at sub 20°C? The one above looks very traditional.

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