Lapland autumn 2009 – 24th September part 2

We headed off away from the bear den and after walking a while Teres spotted a beer bottle pushed under a fallen tree.  Amazingly she could remember having sat there with her friend when she was 15, drinking the bottle of beer and after they had finished she pushes the bottle under the tree to hide the evidence.

Teres (Small)

We decided to stop, make fire and cook some food and coffee.  I set up the tarp as a wind break while Teres made fire

forest camp (Small)

The items I was carrying with me were; crusader mug, pouch of real coffee, frying pan, bread, cheese, sausage, a spoon and peanut oil lip balm (carried and used by the Swedish military) which applied to the frying pan, can also be used to cook food with!

lunch (Small)

The peanut oil worked very well for cooking the sausage

cooking forest lunch (Small)

Once coffee was made it was an ideal opportunity for me to try another traditional food… cheese

coffee cheese (Large)

The cheese is made specifically from the first milk from the cow after it has given birth to a calf which is called colostrum.  The cheese is cut into cubes which are dropped into the coffee and once warm, are removed and eaten.  I have to say that I found it quite bland in taste.

We  relaxed in the forest and enjoyed the autumn sun

us in forest (781 x 582) (Small)

before returning to the cabin, closing it up for the winter and heading back to Gallivare.  Three days later I flew back to England.


One thought on “Lapland autumn 2009 – 24th September part 2

  1. If youhave proper coffe, you need a proper coffe pan and start with the three boils, cold water and burning maya stick coffe 😉

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