Lifeventure titanium cup

I have recently made some new purchases and will be reviewing them during the next couple of posts.

Kevin Warrington - new equipment (Small)

I find that for day-to-day living in the UK my crusader cup is rather large for my needs so I recently purchased a Lifeventure titanium mug.  In order to boil water in the cup I wanted to make a lid so firstly I cut out an aluminium disk.

aluminium disk (Medium)

I drew around the cup of the cup and using a piece of half round post

half post (Medium)

and a small hammer, gradually bent the edge of the disk to create a lip for the lid to keep it on the cup

shaping lid (Large)

The aluminium must be shaped gradually otherwise it will crack.  I cut a strip of aluminium and shaped around a pencil, riveted it to the lid, added a keyring ring and clip to finish it

completed lid (Large)

I made a reindeer leather pouch for the cup and when the draw-string is closed on the top of the bag, the whole thing can be clipped on a belt-loop to carry around

reindeer pouch for cup (Small)

I wanted to design a cooking stand for the cup similar to the one I designed for my Crusader mug

I carved several pieces of Hazel to achieve a satisfactory design but I was unsuccessful and so decided to just hold the cup over the fire to boil water, but having discarded the pieces of wood I noticed two pieces had landed in a crossed position and it was seeing that, that gave me the solution to my problem.  Two pieces of wood pushed into the ground at an angle to form a cross which supports the two parts of the handle.

cup stand-1 (Small)

A cup of water was boiled in 6 minutes

cup stand-3 (Small) (Medium)


7 thoughts on “Lifeventure titanium cup

    • Hiya. Yep life is good and soon it will get even better ;>)

      Jon said you had an article about berry picking for me but it never arrived?

  1. Hi Kevin

    Look forward to the posts on the palm Gauges.

    I use most of the time now instead of the Crook knife.



    P.S. What do you mean life is about to get better ;>) wink wink?

  2. Hi,
    got a question for you.
    Is the capacity realy 450ml? if the size is right it can’t be more than aprox 350ml.
    Please could you check this for me?

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