My first trip to Lapland

I thought I would take a step back in time and write about my first visit to Swedish Lapland in September 2006.

My friend Eckhardt had invited me to visit him and his family and spend some time at his cabin in the forest

This was the first view I had of his cabin and I never imagined that nine months later I would be buying it

I spent time walking in the forest and exploring

helping with work around the cabin


fishing and rowing on the lake (didn’t catch anything of course!)

and tracking animals

Ekhardt also taught me how to drink warm, salt water through my nose to help treat congestion and cold symptoms.

I had such a great time and was determined to return again soon.


4 thoughts on “My first trip to Lapland

  1. Drinking salt water through your nose you say? Fascinating! Any chance of a more detailed post on that? Also what caliber is the rifle you are shooting, and what sort of game is it used to harvest, and how do I talk my wife into visiting Scandinavia…?

  2. It is a .22 caliber rifle with a Bushshnell scope.
    You hunt small game with it.

    what you can hunt in sweden is small game like Birds, deer, fox etc. For eating we hunt mainly birds and moose.


  3. Well, the nose and salt water trick is that you take a small spoon of salt water on a finger warm glas of warm water and suck the entire fluid through your nose and spit the water out. The idea is to kill all the germs in your nose and throut.
    Its works pretty good if you do it early of flue season.
    If you do it right away when you feel a tickling in your nose and clean it with salt water you keep your flue at bay. It works very well for me for 20 years now.

    It takes some time to get used to as it first feels terrible, much like getting water in your nose being in the swimhall.
    But after some year I do it with a quite relaxed and cool spirit. Hehe that means not throwing up. 😉

    cheers Abbe

  4. My father used to do just that with salty water, for the same purpose. Does not Alg translate as Elk? Moose is another name for the same beast, but sounds like mousse!

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