Large Alder Bur Kasa/Kuksa – Part 2

Unfortunately as I carved into the wood I found a flaw inside

It’s rather more obvious from the outside

Based on previous experience, I was certain that the kasa would crack here as it dried so I decided not to carve any thinner but instead worked on the shape.

Even if it did crack it was worth continuing to increase my knowledge and skills in working with bur wood and carving.  And after another hours work the shape was looking good.

A couple more hours of sanding and polishing with cotton cloth and it was just about completed

I completed it by cutting in some minimal patterning with a knife and then oiled it to lift out the patterns in the wood.  The kasa holds 3/4 litre of liquad.

I had a small piece of bur left over so I also made four year old Emma her first kasa

and engraved an “E” on the handle to personalise it for her


9 thoughts on “Large Alder Bur Kasa/Kuksa – Part 2

  1. Thank you for sharing your carving skills with us. Beautiful work! That little kåsa is also lovely.

    All the best

  2. I was chatting to a wood-turner at The Woodfest Gathering this year, he told me when he encouters a crack in a bowl as you have, he fills it with a mixture of epoxy and a pigment such as ground ore or silver filings – making a feature out of it.

  3. great! i wish i could carve like you but in our country we use coconut shell to make bowls. i would try to make one soon i hope.

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