End of year round-up

As we begin a new year I thought it would be interesting to look back at my blog for 2009.

The total number of hits for 2009 was 68623

The most hits during one 24 hour period was 639 on 3rd August

You can see from the graph below that there has been a steady increase in visitor numbers over the course of the year

peaking at 10,299 in December.

The five most popular posts so far are;

1. Coppice bough bed

2. Felt shoes

3. New knife

4. Parachute tipi

5. Crusader mug possibles pouch

The most clicked links were;

1. Lavenham Army Surplus

2. Nordic Bushcraft

3. Leifs Knives

4. Iowa Woodsman

5. Woodlife

I hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2010!!


2 thoughts on “End of year round-up

  1. hi, Kevin, good luck in your new venture,im 73 and new to computers / and am making shaving horse when the weather gets better. i like your blog , what a dream place to live . i will try and find you again. i went to sweden about 6 years ago to look at bying a system buit house . what insulation, o boy , and such detail in every thing they do . ifyou come across HANS KARLLSON he is one of the worlds most respected . adze/chisle/knive ect maker . but he is not on the www. good luck RON

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