Moving to Sweden

I’m not planning to work at all during my first year in Lapland but will instead spend my time  learning to speak better Swedish, making new friends and contacts, making crafts to sell and I have applied to work as a volunteer for the Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project but as yet I have had no response.

Although I do not plan to work full-time, in 2011 myself and Johan from Nordic Bushcraft are planning to run some courses together and I will be looking for other opportunities for part-time work, so if you have business in Lapland and you feel my skills and knowledge are  relevant please get in touch for a chat.

I will again be visiting Jokkmokk’s Marknard this year which takes place the same week I arrive in Lapland (that is no coincidence I can assure you!) to buy skins, leather and other goods for making crafts items.  If you will be there on Friday or Saturday  and are interested to meet up then please email me.


5 thoughts on “Moving to Sweden

  1. Good for you mate.Followed your blog for a while and look forward to more of it once you have moved.
    Good luck in the future to you and yours.

  2. wow,its pretty rare to see things like man moving to lapland nowadays,even from country overseas.Congratulations on good decision,i hope best of luck to you,maybe well meet someday if you travel along finlands &swedens border areas in lapland as i do.

    • I will be living about 150 km from Finnish border so maybe we will meet up someday when I am settled.

  3. Congratulations on the move fella, looks like a grand set up! hope all goes well up in the Northern reaches (I am more of a Crusoe type person…give me desert island!). What are the local charcuterie methods up to?

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