Christmas with a difference again!!

Last Christmas I wrote about Christmas with a difference and this year Christmas dinner in the woods was even more popular with 16 of us gathering to cook, eat, drink and have fun.

Most of the snow and ice had gone but there was a bitterly cold north-easterly wind blowing.

Everyone had to provide and cook something towards our feast this year; we had two joints of home grown lamb as our meet, roast potatoes & parsnips, boiled green cabbage & pickled red cabbage, stuffing and gravy.

For our second course we had; home made mince pies, apple and blackberry crumble, apple and blackcurrant pie and cheese and biscuits.  Even BAH HUMGUG!! enjoyed himself ;>)


3 thoughts on “Christmas with a difference again!!

  1. Hi .I stumbled on your great site before xmas.I was looking for photos of Jokkmokk area.I was there in 2001 for the marknand.I raise reindeer in B.C. Canada and wanted to talk to people who did the same.Met lots of great people and went to a roundup the following week about 1 hour south.About 1000 animals.Very interesting.When in Jokkmokk stayed with friends of a friend of mine.The wife worked at the museum and the husband taned hides.And lived on a beautiful place on the lake.We had all the stuff that nature supplied.Fish eggs,reindeer ,moose,fish, berries and hard bread and good beer.It was a very nice holiday other than the -38 temperature when I got off the train and had to wait half an hour for the bus .but it warmed up to-15 .they said it was the warmest temp they had for the marknand.I had all my cold wheather clothe from Canada with me.My ancestry is swedish and have been there a few times.A very nice country,lots of beautiful scenery.
    I also live out in the boonys enjoying nature and the quietness it offers .And listen to the news on the radio and all the craziness that I am thankfully not part of.
    Thank you again for all the great news and pictures.(Have photos if interested.)

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