Asian Water Buffalo

A significant part of my job during the past nine years has been managing and being responsible for a small herd of Asian Water Buffalo on one of our reserves.

When you mention buffalo people usually think of American Buffalo (Bison to be correct) or the notoriously aggressive African or Cape Buffalo. However, although wary of strangers Asian Water Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) are quite docile and relatively easy to handle. Our lead animal will in fact roll over so that I can rub his belly.

I have compiled this fact file about Asian Water Buffalo

The buffalo stay on the site all year and are ideally suited to the wet conditions on the reserve and in summer spend a lot of time relaxing in ponds or ditches.

Picture by Mike Taylor

In fact the perimeter fence has to go down under water where it crosses the ditches to prevent the buffalo swimming out!

When I wrote this post we were constructing a facility for handling the buffalo to check their health and condition, which worked really well.


One thought on “Asian Water Buffalo

  1. Greetings,

    Last summer we took in a small group of water buffalo to graze for a client on our Eastern Oregon cattle ranch.

    A big concern was or very cold winters, and indeed this winter turned out to be indeed awful.

    We are feeding the group good quality meadow hay, twice daily, but their body condition just isn’t what we consider good. They just seem to be doing poorly.

    It would be very helpful if their was someone in your organization we could exchange conversations with. We have had years of experience with cattle, none with water buffalo!

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