Not long now…

So one week tomorrow I leave my home to catch a bus to the airport and at 7am the following morning I leave the UK for Sweden.

I have finished packing my boxes now

I have ended with 200 kilos and the boxes will be shipped a few days after I leave.

I have had three gatherings of friends recently for farewell celebrations.  Yesterdays was a meal and drinks at a pub with ex work colleagues

and the final one on Thursday will be with friends who are organising a road trip from the UK to come and see me in Lapland in the autumn.

I am pleased that some of my friends are planning to visit.


8 thoughts on “Not long now…

  1. I’m sure you will not be short on visitors to such a beautiful place Kevin!
    All the best for the move and keep up with the blog please, I always look forward to your posts.
    A life time in 200kg I think thats pretty light going my missus’s clothes alone would weigh that!!

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I hope you favourably consider an application by yours truly to visit at some stage. I promise not to injure myself!
    Good luck and all the best.
    See you online when you get settled.

    • Yes of course. I have my first visitor at the end of February (a member of Woodlife) after he has completed the Woodlore Arctic Survival course.

  3. Good luck Kevin.

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures over there.

    All the best.


    • Thanks George. If you have any posts you would like to add during my absence please feel free.

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