Making fire from live, green Birch

This will be my final post for a while, until I am settled in Sweden so I thought I would write about a method used to make fire in Lapland from a live Birch tree.  My friend Heiko showed me how to do this during a winter visit in 2007.

Firstly you have to fell a Birch

Remove all the side branches from the trunk

The branches are reduced down to three different sizes

The bark is removed from the trunk and then the trunk is logged up and split

Some of the split wood is used to make a base to build the fire on

A layer or small fuel is placed on the base and the Birch bark is placed on top

More small fuel is added and the bark is then ignited using a fire steel

Once the fire is burning, begin adding larger fuel

and soon you will have a warming which at -30 degrees C you really appreciate!!

I have no idea how long it will take to arrange broadband in Lapland but I will be back as soon as I can…..byeeee!


6 thoughts on “Making fire from live, green Birch

  1. Farewell! Looking forward to your new posts from the new journey you are embarking on (which had already begun with your first visits to Lapland). I sense your excitement now the plans have come together and know that their may also be some sadness about what you will be leaving behind as you make this transition. Take heart, at the end of your days it will be those dreams you have yet to fulfill that you will regret.
    Take care, find your pace and enjoy. Love to you all, Jem,Sally, Jed & Flora.

  2. Great post once again – very informative. I wonder what the difference in moisture content is between a birch in winter and summer.

    Good luck with your move to Lapland

  3. Hey Fenlander;

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve taken the leap. I remember the excitement (and fear) that my then girlfriend (now wife) had when moving to Montana from the big city years ago. It’s a stressful but strangely energizing time. Hope you weather it well. Best of luck! David C

  4. Hope you had a good journey. Good luck in your new life. All the best to you, Teres and family.

    ps. buffalo say hi

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