A trip to the fjalls (mountains)

As I mentioned previously I traveled into the Swedish mountains with Hasse yesterday to unload a container at a popular fishing site.  We were about one hours travel from Gallivare

We passed through Laponia World Heritage site and through Muddus National Park to Stora Sjofallet National Park.  There is some beautiful old forest in the parks and there are many large Moose or Alg here.  We saw two

As you get higher into the mountains the trees become much much smaller

Eventually you get above the tree line where there are no trees at all

Eventually we arrived at the destination and unloaded the container

where there were some beautiful frozen waterfalls (apparently each waterfall has a name)

This is a fishing caravan which people toe behind a scooter onto the lakes to ice fish in comfort

I’m hoping that next time we go to the fjalls the weather will be better and the pictures rather more dramatic!!

This weekend I go to my cabin.


2 thoughts on “A trip to the fjalls (mountains)

  1. Great pic’s Kevin thanks for being back with us.
    How’s the Swedish lingo coming on?
    Look forward to the pic’s from the cabin.

  2. Lovely. Makes me want to visit Scandinavia even more. I should start looking up family. Is a scooter what we call a snowmobile in the States?

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