A visit to my cabin – Part 1

My friend Adrian Boots was over here from England to attend an Arctic Survival Course with Woodlore and after completing the course , was keen to spend a few days with me.

Myself and Ingvar drove to the course location to pick up Adrian and we drove from there to the cabin…..or at least as close as we could get with a car.  From there we had to walk pulling a pulk containing food and other equipment.

and here is Adrian

Ingvar had been to the cabins on his snow scooter a few days before which had compressed the snow and provided us with a trail to walk along.

Stepping off this path meant you were up to your waist or even higher in snow and it was then impossible to walk any great distance.

It was so beautiful and peaceful walking through the forest with the sunlight shining through.

After about one hours walking we could see the cabin across the lake

and soon after we were at the cabin

Adrian dug a path through the snow to the cabin and to the woodshed and toilet.  I then cleared snow from the roof and chimney

After that we got the fire going, melted some snow and made a brew.


4 thoughts on “A visit to my cabin – Part 1

  1. Oh. My. God. I am SO jealous!!!

    Kevin, you are a truly lucky chap. Plllllllease can we come and visit you when it’s white?!

    The lake is presumably frozen solid? Can you try some ice fishing at some point, I’d love to see pics.

    A green eyed Janie xx

  2. Wanna change lives for a week, I am on my fourth of shoving snow all day long…would love to just get away from it all and do what you do.

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