A visit to my cabin – Part 2

I have been suffering with a lung infection for the past couple of weeks and I was finding it hard going after having walked in and been clearing snow.  The temperature was also dropping noticeably as the sun disappeared behind the trees.

With the stove going we had to begin collecting buckets of snow to melt as a source of water.  We also gathered a large pile of wood and stored just outside the door so that we did not have to walk too far in the night to get more wood.

The stove in my cabin has a very small burning chamber and we were having to wait for one piece of wood to burn before we could add another and so it was difficult to raise the temperature inside the cabin.

(Picture taken in 2007)

and as the temperature continued to drop it was getting more difficult to keep warm.

We drank lots of hot drink and cooked a meal of Reindeer meat but by now the temperature was already -30 degrees C

Adrian’s feet had got wet during our walk in and he was finding it difficult to keep them warm.  I lit a fire in the living room fireplace but as always the smoke was not drawing up the chimney so well and the room where we would be sleeping gradually filled with smoke.

By eight o clock we had been unable to raise the temperature in the cabin significantly so we decided to get into our sleeping bags.  Even the wax on this candle was refreezing as the candle burnt down

and at one point having boiled the kettle, made coffee and set the kettle on the work-top I returned shortly after to find that the kettle had frozen to the work-top!!

The next morning we awoke at about seven with ice in the outside of our US Military Sleep Systems but we had had a warm nights sleep.

Shortly after waking Teres called to tell me that when she had gone to work at 6:30 am the temperature in town was -39 degrees

and we later found out that 8km from the cabin it had been -43 degrees!

We made breakfast

and then cleared more snow and did some jobs around the cabin, before going for a wonder to take more pictures

packing up and heading back to the road

where Ingvar would  waiting for us.

The only bird species of note was a pair of Hazel Grouse (Bonasa bonasia) sitting in the Birch tree just outside my cabin.


5 thoughts on “A visit to my cabin – Part 2

  1. Looks amazing out there Kevin.
    I didn’t know you knew Adrian. Top man.. Say hello from me if he is still there..
    Hope you feeling better soon. Is it the cold getting to your lungs..?

    • Hi mate, yes he’s a good bloke. Just been to the doctors and it turns out I have fractured at least one of my ribs through coughing which explains why I was in so much pain.

  2. Get well soon, mate. Fractured rib(s) ? Ouch ! Cripes, that’d be painful. Best regards from Oz, Charlie.

  3. Came across your blog a while ago, it’s really interesting. I hope that you don’t freeze, it looks like such an adventure.

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