Kiruna Saami museum

There are very good cultural museums in Jokkmokk and Gallivare, but I was unaware of a Saami museum in Kiruna until I visited Kiruna for a day with Adrian last week.  The museum is away from the city centre and is called Samegarden and I promised that I would promote the museum here for anyone visiting Kiruna.  You can learn much about the Saami traditions and clothing

the different designs of clothes for each Saami community

Here is an old Saami man in his winter clothing made from Reindeer skins

This man is depicted using a traditional frame drum

I was pulling a modern pulk to the cabin but here is the traditional one pulled by Reindeer

A view inside a traditional Saami dwelling (so many people lived in such a small space)

and of course there are many examples of traditional crafts such as knives and carvings but also hunting items such as these rolled Birch bark floats for fishing nets

and these bark pouches with a stone inside to weight the nets at the bottom

It costs 20 SEK to visit and is well worth the price and there is information available in English about the displays.


5 thoughts on “Kiruna Saami museum

  1. Kevin,
    Your blog and photos are great… making me a bit envious that you are living an adventure.
    Keep adding updates and enjoying your experiences.

    Wayne Stevens
    Scout Leader – 1st Moulton Scout Group.

  2. Hei,
    jeg heter Sonia og bor i nærheten av BArdufoss ) ikk elangt fra Sverige og ikke langt fra Kiruna. Jeg søke en sommerjobb på en samisk museum.Hav er deres email adresse …så jeg kan sende dere min søkna dog min cv.

  3. Anyone know of magnetic Stone jewelry made of magnets from Kiruna Vaara? available for sale?

  4. I just found out I am 3rd generation Saami! I am thrilled to be learning about my people in Lapland!!

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