Out for a wander

With my ribs improving faster than predicted I decided to go for a wonder.

I walked through the village along the main road

and then headed along the same road to the river where I passed the ski jump

I was here at the beginning of February 2009 with Ingvar and I never imagined then that I would be living here one year later!

This is the river and I plan to take a series of pictures from here through the changing seasons.

as I walked in the forest I found fresh sign of Reindeer (which I want to try and get good film and pictures of).  These droppings are on the river as they crossed

I followed the trail into the forest but never managed to catch up with them

I did find the remains of a fox kill and I am told these feathers come from Capercallie

The most common bird species I saw was Magpie, followed by Greenfinch, House Sparrow, Great Tit (mainly around the gardens) and I also saw Bullfinch, Raven and Crossbill.


7 thoughts on “Out for a wander

  1. I think those feathers actually are those of a woodpecker, greater spotted- or three-toed woodpecker?

    • Hi Hakan, Yes I would agree with Woodpecker as they seemed small for Capercaillie. Thank you

  2. Ravens are quite rare here. Did you know they have more vocal chords than a parrot and can be taught to talk?!?
    Useless fact of the day.
    oh the scenery is lovely

  3. Since you like (or seem to like) fishing – have you thought of trying Ice-fishing ? Is it popular at all over there ? I know it’s very popular in the northern parts of North America. Hope you’re mending well. Charlie.

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