My first project

As the days get longer and the sun gets stronger, spring appears to have arrived as the snow is beginning to melt and soon the trees will thaw and begin to grow which will mean I can start to make things.

I need a workbench at the flat where I can make and do things so using using pieces of discarded timber

I set about designing  and constructing a bench.

For the work-top I used the end of a Pine bed, under which I nailed a frame I had made

I nailed four legs to the frame

then I secured the legs together with cross timbers and a support across the middle

The bench is in a room I have in the cellar of the flat and I now plan to make another bench for the cabin.

Soon my craft projects will begin again :>)


One thought on “My first project

  1. Good to see that the ribs are OK! Keep up the good work, I’ll keep enjoying your developing life!

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