I have bought a car!!!

Frustrated at still not having my own transport to get out and about, and with spring on the way I decided on Wednesday to make the 321km trip  down to Luleå to buy a car.  I had found five cars to look at in my price range and it was the last one that I looked at which I decided to buy……a Renault Megane

By the time all the paperwork and payment was sorted, it was after 6pm and dark and so I was a little nervous about making the 321km drive home on the ice and snow, while watching out for Moose and Reindeer running in front of the car and trying to establish where my half of the road was and where the white road stopped and the soft snowy verge begin.  The journey actually took just over three hours and was quite uneventful.  Here is a picture of a typical road here in Lapland.

Speeds on main roads vary between 90 and 110 kilometers per hour.  The reason you can travel at these speeds are the “winter tyres” which all vehicles must have here

The tyres have metal studs set into them which you can see here

It is amazing hoe well the vehicle will perform n snow and ice with the addition of these little studs.


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