Out for a drive and a walk

Enjoying my new freedom to be able to get out and about in my car, I decided to drive out to an area of forest to see what I could find and hopefully film and photograph Reindeer.

I have now purchased two sets of military ski’s from my friend Toby but until my ribs are better I cannot learn to ski, so for now I have to use scooter trails (they have compacted the snow) to get about.

although if you step to far to the left or right you drop down to the top of your thigh or even higher

I found numerous tracks of a large canine which were too large for fox but did not seem quite large enough for an adult Wolf at least, but I can see no reason for a large dog to be traveling around so much in the forest on its own.

There was also a pair of Siberian Jays in the trees from time to time

I never managed to find any Reindeer but typically as I drove home, two ran alongside my car!!

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