Back to my cabin

I am writing this post from my cabin.  I arrived Monday and will be staying until Thursday.  I walked to the cabin again

and my first task once there was to get a fire going.  However the smoke would not draw up the chimney from either the wood stove

or the fireplace and the cabin soon filled with smoke

So I had to go onto the roof with a chimney brush and clean both chimneys and clean all the vents to remove any soot.  A surprising find in the wood storage chamber below the stove

was three dead House Martins which were not there when I was at the cabin with Adrian three weeks before?

I can only assume that they died in the chimney last autumn and then a mouse has somehow dragged them in.

Eventually I got a fire going in the wood stove

but even with the wood stove burning it was still bloody cold in the cabin.  In the picture below I am sitting over the stove but you can see my breath in the cold air

and by 8pm I was in my sleeping bag to keep warm.

“Unfortunately the touch pad on my netbook has stoped working and as a result it has taken two and a half hours to write this much so I will have to stop and try to get it repaired or buy a mouse when I get back to town”…. it appears that the week broadband signal at my cabin causes the modem to affect my touchpad as now I am back at the flat in town eveything works normally again!


5 thoughts on “Back to my cabin

  1. Thats weird about the House Martins. What are they doing that far north at this time of year..?
    Are you sure they were not in the chimney somewhere. I seem to remember it was smokey there when you had Adi there..?
    Do they look long dead..?

  2. Hello Kevin,
    Re the laptop problem.
    As your cabin seems pretty cold, the problems with the notebook and the internet dongle could be caused by the low temperature. Both have an operating minimum of about 0C and humidity range about 10-90%. You say they work ok back in the warmth of the flat. I guess they will be ok when springtime or the log burner increases the cabin temperature.
    Regards Sprock.

    • Hi Jon, I have no idea. I can only assume a mouse dragged them in but I cannot see how a mouse got in there.

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