16th March 2010

After 13 hours sleep I was still reluctant to get out of my sleeping bag and so used my trangia stove to make coffee next to my bed

After several cups of coffee I decided to get up and make my first attempt at skiing with the Swedish Military skis I had bought

As I took this picture with the self timer a Moose walked across the track behind me.  I also spotted these strange tracks in the snow which I think are Red Squirrel.

I would have to describe my first attempt as more walking with skis than sliding but at least I incurred no further damage to my ribs.

I returned to the cabin and mixed up some Pinn Bröd dough

and made some breads

I had melted cheese and sausage on one for my lunch

Late afternoon Ingvar and Anki arrived on their snow mobile and Ingvar helped me try to solve the mystery of why smoke from the open fire will not draw up the chimney.  While on the roof he discovered a third flue blocked with bricks and metal.  Once removed, the smoke started to draw and I soon had a warm fire burning

That evening in my cabin was much more pleasant even though it was -25 outside.

By the way John Kemp, if you are reading this one of your paintings has made it up to Swedish Lapland


2 thoughts on “16th March 2010

  1. Must have abeen a scary moment when you couldn’t get the fire going smoothly, thank goodness it was still light enough to get onto the roof.

    The roadway looks just a little different from when we were there!


  2. Looks great there.
    Do you need special ski boots with those skis?
    Always fancied a bit of the sliding action rather than the snowboard but those hard ski boots are apita

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