17th March 2010

I kept the fire burning all night and kept the cabin reasonably warm.  After melting more snow for drinking water

I went to Anki and Ingvar’s cabin to cook coffee and grill sausage

A bird that is usually around when you cook food outside is Siberian Jay

During the day I also saw Willow Tit, Siberian Tit, Hazel Grouse, Bullfinch, Jay and Great Tit.

The boots I am wearing, not just for skiing but most of the time are these Karrimor Snowboots

They have a lip at the back of the boot that allows the ski to be attached over, while held in position.  I bought them for £29.99 from TK Max (reduced from £99.99) and they are so warm that I do not wear any socks the majority of the time.  The lining in the boots is Thinsulate.


One thought on “17th March 2010

  1. Kevin,

    I’m following your trials and tribulations with great interest. Still looks a bit chilly for me at the moment to say the least!!

    I was contemplating your visit to my woods the other day in the area where you erected the parachute that I’ve now named Camp Achilles!

    Keep well.


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