Three days at the cabin with Teres

On Thursday evening as it was getting dark, myself and Teres left our car and walked to the can.  It was after dark when we arrived and even with a fire in the living room it was still a very cold evening.

I kept the fire going all night and by lunchtime on Friday the cabin was getting warm.  One of our first tasks was to clear away the snow

Here she is even clearing snow while talking on the mobile phone!

I purchased a child’s pulka from a local fuel station

so that I can pull my pack behind me when I’m skiing and it works well

but as I mentioned before I wanted to try and make a larger one of my own.

The base is a thin piece of plywood from the cabin and the sides I cut and brought with me

I knew it would be difficult to bend and shape the plywood for the front of the pulka, but I did not realise how difficult.  We tried using steam, weights and soaking the wood and using heat to bend it

but we could not bend the wood enough and unfortunately the plywood eventually cracked.

We spent some time out skiing but Teres’ feet were too small for the ski fitting so I had to improvise with loops of cord and a couple of webbing straps and fortunately they worked really well.

It was snowing most of the time and there was very little sun so it was not a good day for nice views

At Anki and Ingvar’s cabin we stopped to make coffee

before heading back to the cabin for the evening.

We are making use of the open fire now and utilising an old wire coat hanger I made a pot hanger over the fire for the kettle or coffee pot

it’s also nice to sit and grill sausage in the fire

and here I am baking Pinn Brod

The time went very quickly and too soon it was time for us to head home


4 thoughts on “Three days at the cabin with Teres

  1. For the larger pulka try go get some birch ply; it is bendy in one direction, so your project should work better.

  2. I think the problem is that plywood is designed not to bend or warp by alternating the direction of the wood layers. That explains the problem.

  3. To bend the ply Kerf it – Shallow cuts across the ply on the inside of the bend. Then use the methods you’ve already described.

    Lots of articles on pulks and how to build them, can make a list for the blog if you’re interested.

    I’m doing mine from the armchair – you’re doing it for real (lots of envy)



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