Salted, air dried Reindeer meat

Now is the time when people here are preserving meat (before the flies emerge) to carry with them when in the mountains or forest.

We used Reindeer rump steak for this demonstration.

Firstly fat and sinew are removed from the meat

The meat is then cut into hand sized pieces and laid onto salt

The meat is then also covered with salt

and put in the fridge for one day to allow the salt to penetrate the meat and draw out the moisture

The pieces of meat are then hung up in the loft for 6 – 8 weeks to dry.  These Reindeer hearts have already been in the loft for two weeks

The off-cuts of meat I mixed with garlic and onions

fried them and then added water and reduced the water to make a stock for stews

Some small pieces of meat I dried near the fire in the cabin for 12 hours.


3 thoughts on “Salted, air dried Reindeer meat

  1. Good stuff ! I love deer meat – best meat there is IMO. Waiting to see how it turns out. Regards to you and Teres. Charlie.

  2. Hi Kevin
    Reindeer meat looks well tasty! I like the hearts hanging in the loft – not many of those in any lofts round here!
    The Fen is beginning to wake up – chiff-chaffs and blackcaps are singing and a lesser spotted pecker was investigating the trees near the new buffalo enclosure.
    Mike & I moved the buffs today – still not a lot growing yet.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter, take care,

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