5 days at the cabin in April 2010 – Part 3

I spent quite a lot of time in various locations just sitting and watching for birds and animals.

I saw five Reindeer moving along the edge of the lake and was rewarded on the evening of 24/4/10 with a brief view of  a Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa) flying through the trees.

The following morning I walked into the forest to try to find evidence of a nest or young, but although I found nothing there were many fresh bear tracks

I also logged up a couple of fallen Birch trees to provide fire wood for next year.  I am also planning to make alterations to the inside of my cabin and the area in this picture

will become the sleeping area with beds also in the loft area.  I have been doing much measuring and planning and work should begin in June.


2 thoughts on “5 days at the cabin in April 2010 – Part 3

  1. I like your blog. I live in Lappland and it is nice to see someone who appreciate the nature here. Many who lives here just think it sucks…

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