5 days at the cabin in April 2010 – Part 4

I spent some time making a Reindeer horn knife sheath

and this little vice proved to be a very useful addition in my backpack.

My neighbours Anita and Gillis were at their cabin and this was a good opportunity for me to practice my Swedish.  Gillis spent a lot of time ice fishing so I went with him to try and pick up some tricks and tips

and although he had been catching fish before I joined him…he caught nothing once I was with him!!

They loaned me a pair of snowshoes Gillis had made to get around in the forest and I find them very good to use.

It was only while staying at the cabin that I realised it is already still light at 11pm light again at 3am.  And of course as the days get longer and warmer, the mosquitoes will soon appear!


2 thoughts on “5 days at the cabin in April 2010 – Part 4

  1. Hi!
    How are you? We were all at the woods today, and we really missed you. Ray turned up with his zimmer frame, he missed you being rude to him. It was very sunny today, we have been picking cherries in Sarah’s garden. Sarah has had too much wine and is being very merry. Typing this on Jeph’s new IPad, haven’t you got one yet, ner ner ner. Etc………
    Is life good over there? It isn’t oh dear you had better come home. To Bradfield. Ner nerner nerner.. Take great care of Teres. Watch out for those bears. Guess what there are no bears in Bradfield except Will with a sore head.

  2. hi, i got the same fishig rod as the dude in the picture! 😀
    btw, i realy like your website 😀

    well, bye for now,
    karolis, from lithuania.

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