40 Today!!

Today is my 40th birthday so what better way to spend the weekend than at my cabin, collecting Birch bark .

Some of the bark was impossible to remove but some separated from the tree as you cut into it

I took the bark back to the cabin.  Some I will store, but some I wanted to work with while it is fresh and flexible

I made a large folded container

I used a narrow strip of Birch bark folded in half as a rim and removed bark from a Willow sapling

and used to stitch the rim in place

The container holds about 5 litres of water


12 thoughts on “40 Today!!

  1. Happy Birthday from Canada!

    Hope you are having a great 40th, mine is coming up in June.

    That is an amazing birch basket – you have inspired me and I think I will try to make one also.



  2. Hey Kevin, many happy returns. I’m hoping things turn out good for you up there. I’m so envious !!! Charlie.

  3. Happy Birthday, old man! Just back from Chelsea flower show build ( BBC 2 ,8pm coverage of World Land Trust stand on 26th) Hoping to have a bit more time for some craftwork now! Take care,mate. Jeremy

  4. Hi Kevin
    Remember me?! Happy birthday to you and may the year ahead be a very happy one for you!
    Love , Anita x

  5. Happy Belated Birthday for last Monday Kev , interesting blog as usual, the grosbeak was a cracking bird.


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