Reindeer horn knife and sheath

For the first time I have lost a series of pictures I took while making this knife

but I do have pictures of making the design on the handle and constructing the sheath.

Teres designed a scene for me and I drew it onto the knife in pencil.  I then used a small craft knife to cut into the horn following the pencil design

I used a pencil eraser to remove the drawing and then rubbed a small amount of charcoal into the cuts to reveal the pattern.

To make the sheath I first cut the piece of horn in half

I drew around the blade and then used a small file to remove horn on both halves, until the knife blade sat comfortably inside.  I glued the two halves together and then shaped.

After soaking the Lapp leather I wrapped foil around the knife handle to prevent the leather colour running into the handle and then wrapped the leather around and stitched the two edges together

Here is the completed sheath

I will explain about the design on the sheath next time.


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