Sheath design

Here is a small knife I have just finished

It is very similar to the previous one I made but the sheath is made from only Lapp leather

Someone has translated all the Saami symbols into English for me but I did not think it would be right for me to use them in a knife sheath design so I decided to design my own, based around some of the symbols I have seen.

The star in the centre represents the stars and constellations.  The circle around the star represents the sun and the moon.  From the circle come trees representing the forest with its trees and flowers.  The outer diamond shape represents the mountains and the land and the four areas inside represent the seasons and the elements; fire, air, earth and water.


One thought on “Sheath design

  1. That is beautiful and a million times better than My first and only one Ive made so far! i put it up on the blog!

    I like the inscribed pattern you did bud!

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