Blog stats reach 100,000

Yesterday the stats counter past 100,000  since January 2009 and I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to everyone who reads and contributes to this site.

This would seem an ideal time to ask for something back from those of you reading my blog.

As I meet more and more people here in Lapland, more and more opportunities are being made available to me and I have many ideas for activities and courses here.

I am interested to know what sort of activities/courses would attract you to this area.  Some broad examples are; the nature, traditional skills and crafts, activities with local people, winter activities.  These are very broad activity opportunities but I am interested to hear more specific requirements.

You can fly to Gallivare from Stockholm with Nextjet or you can travel up by train from Stockholm with (you should copy and paste “Gällivare” into the search field as “Gallivare” does not work).

You can either leave a comment here for me or email me directly at;

I hope to hear from you soon.


7 thoughts on “Blog stats reach 100,000

  1. I really enjoy seeing your workmanship and nature observations.
    I personally would be more intersted in winter skills and traditional crafts, it’s unlikely I’d be a customer as I won’t be going anywhere without my wife as we’ve not had a holiday since 2007!

  2. I follow your blog using google reader and its great i really enjoy reading it.

    things that would attract me to your area would be things like

    -winter skills
    -wild camping weekends
    -nature and tracking
    -traditional skills
    -lappish culture – particularly any people that still live the traditional way – that would be great to see and photograph and learn from

    keep it up, i really enjoy your blog!


  3. Kevin
    I would know of at least 5 Scout Leaders that are mad about Bushcraft (we run an annual Bushcraft camp for the oldest Scouts from the District), and they would all be interested in a Visit to Lapland to learn many of the skills you display on your site.

    Interests would be:
    Making baskets, fire lays and lighting, plant identification and uses, cordage, useful camp gadgets, gathering storing / preserving foods, shelter building, survival techniques, navigation, finding / collecting water, hunting / trapping / fishing, animal tracking… to name but a few.
    Wayne Stevens
    1st Moulton Scout Leader.

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