June at the cabin – Part 1

Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time to either comment here or email about what activities would interest you here.  Everything you have requested we will be able to provide!

I have not posted recently because I have been at my cabin for almost two weeks (sometimes alone and sometimes not).

We are starting to make alterations/improvements to the cabin and I have been busy during my stay there.

Regular readers will know that the old wood cooking stove has had its problems and really isn’t up to the job of warming the cabin, so I bought a modern one and one of the tasks has been to install the new stove.

We began by removing the kitchen cupboards

and moving them to the other side of the kitchen (you can see the new stove waiting to be installed).

After the cupboards had been removed I could demolish the brickwork around the old stove to enable me to remove it.

It wasn’t easy with only a claw-hammer and two splitting wedges!

After the stove was removed, Ingvar came to help me repair the chimney and render the wall and floor ready to fit the new stove.

I had to fit a flue pipe and cleaning vent in the chinmey

One of the great things about living here is that you can often find the materials you need in the forest if you know where to look and for sand to mix with the cement, we did just that.  Here we are removing soil and stones from the sand

Last Thursday I fitted the new stove in place and tested it on Friday morning.

Everything went well and the stove looks and works great

It has a huge burning chamber which can hold a lot of wood and it has a glass front to enable you to see the flames.  The oven is also much bigger and has a very useful facility.

When the knob is pulled out heat goes all around the oven, but push the knob in and heat is diverted only over the top and this converts it into a grill.


3 thoughts on “June at the cabin – Part 1

  1. Hi Kevin.. Sorry to see that old wood burner go. That was an amazing piece of kit, but I guess your new one was needed more.. What have you done with the old one..?
    Hope alls well.. :0)

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