June at the cabin – Part 2

In the room of the cabin there was a cupboard next to the chimney and I decided to move the door to the back of the cupboard which would create a cupboard in the kitchen.

I have insulated the cupboard and set air vents in the top and bottom to allow cold air to flow through and enable us to store milk, butter and so on in side.  No one here seems to use a spirit level when making things, so when fitting the shelves I had to improvise with a small glass curry jar filled with water up to the label.

The line of the label is not so obvious in this picture but it worked very well to level the shelves.

Between the kitchen and living/sleeping room there is a wall and sliding door.  The sliding door has never worked well and so we decided to demolish the wall

and remove the door,

making it much easier to heat the whole cabin.

Unfortunately when I bought the cabin there had been a problem with a leak between the roof and chimney and as a result, rain water had been getting in.  When we removed the wall, we found that there is a lot of damage with rotten timber in both the roof and floor,

but this repair work will have to wait until we have gathered all the new materials.


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