June at the cabin – Part 3

We are thinking to convert the wood store at the end of the cabin into a bunk room for 6 people and so using old materials I had lying around and timber we had removed from the wall in the cabin, myself and Ingvar decided to build a new wood store.

We nailed together three pallets and set on stones as the base

For the walls and roof we used timber from the cabin wall and old timbers I had stored

and we covered the roof with corrugated zinc

I used the old sliding door as a wall to divide the store in two.

Now I am busy collecting wood from an old forest clearing, cutting it up, splitting it and stacking it.

While out collecting wood I found a new bird species for the cabin list; a Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra) singing from a tree in the forest clearing.  I also found hundreds of these Morel fungi…..though actually I think it is more likely one of the False Morels

as here in Lapland they boil it in four changes of water before eating it to remove all the toxins.

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