June at the cabin – Part 4

While at the cabin I have been working with Birch bark again.  Using a small piece of bark not suitable for containers, I made Emma this simple little boat

I used split Willow to hold the ends together and lashed them with strips of bark.  I had to set a small stone in the boat as ballast.

I should have used glue or Pine resin to seal the ends of the boat, as after a couple of minutes on the water, the boat sank!

I have also been improving my skills with making containers.

I am using Black Spruce for the container tops and bases as you can split it into even pieces and it is easy to carve.    I bought a cheap pair of scissors from the Dollar Store which produce the patterned edge.

4 thoughts on “June at the cabin – Part 4

    • Det gå bra ;>)

      I used glue for these but I will also put up some pictures of container I have made with using glue.

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