Time goes so quickly

So my mum and dads time here has come to an end in the morning we travel to Kiruna Airport, from where they fly back to England.

For our final visit we traveled to the fjälls (mountains)

and to the Saami settlement at Ritsem.

My parents feel it was the past part of the whole visit

There were many beautiful views

and quite a bit of snow on some of the higher peaks

and at Ritsem I was surprised to see a glacier

I return to Ritsem this weekend for the first 6 days of an 11 day course being trained as a guide for the Gränsleden, an historic trail used by Saami people traveling between Sweden and Norway.  We will be walking the trail and have various Saami tutors teaching us about Saami history and culture, plants and their uses, other local wildlife and much more.

I will not be able to write here until I return next weekend but I’m sure I will have much to write about and of course I will take many pictures.

Village celebration

Last weekend there was a village celebration as part of Hembygds.  Most of the village were there

It was a good opportunity to meet many local people and make new friends.

There was coffee, beer, smoked Röding and Sik fish, Reindeer Kebabs and homemade cakes and biscuits

There were also activities  such as a lottery, darts and shooting.

I imagine there were quite a few people with hang-overs the next morning!!

Midnight sun, Marknad and Moose

Since my last post I have taken my parents up to the top of Dundret to see the midnight sun

I don’t imagine there will be many more days now before the sun starts to disappear below the horizon.

The were also some nice colours in the sky as we travelled down from Dundret

Last Saturday we visited Pajala marnad, which is rather like Jokkmokk marknard but warmer!!

We have been to my cabin for a couple of days (along with thousands of mosquitoes)

We have seen a large herd of Reindeer

and a couple of  Moose

River Råne and Jokkmokk

The river Råne runs close by to where we live and the other day I took my parents to one of the many cabins along its route, which have been built for public use.

Accompanying us on our visit were Sebastian and Emma, who enjoyed playing there despite the thousands of moquitoes!!

We made fire in the stove in the cabin and cooked coffee and grilled sausage

The next day I took mum and dad to visit the Sami museum in Jokkmokk to learn about the people, their way of life  (here is a traditional turf dwelling)

the land and harsh conditions

and how they survived in a demanding climate and environment

A house and visitors from England

In addition to buying a house

with three hectares of land outside the village and three hectares around the house, with another large building

my parent arrived on Monday from England

They have never traveled outside of the UK or flown before so even though I had booked the tickets weeks ago I did not believe they would actually come here until I saw them walking through the doors of Kiruna airport.  And having not seen them for six months, I was really pleased when they arrived!

Yesterday I took them to Natavaaras Polar Circle

which I had visited in winter 2008

At that time I never imagined I would buy a house nearby.

They have some really nice cabins there where we were able to make tea and coffee

My parent are here for 18 days so I will be writing about our activities again soon.

Inflatable kayak

While in Luleå last week, I found a hardware store selling off inflatable kayaks half price at £150 so of course I had to buy one.  The model I have purchased is a Pathfinder 2 person kayak which comes with a carry bag

Itwas very quick to but together and easy to inflate.  You can set it up for one or two people

The footpump, paddles, footrests and seats are all included and once inflated it is easy to carry around and on the water it performs very well

Teres also enjoyed paddling around

The edge of the lake is now decorated with a fantastic display of Bog Bean

As we carries the kayak back to the cabin, Teres noticed this hare crouching right nest ti the path


Vodpod videos no longer available.

A pair of Spotted Flycatcher have built a nest on the side of the cabin

and have 3 eggs

We finished the day with a meal cooked in the new wood stove

More repairs to the cabin

During the 30 – 40 years that the cabin has been built, there has been some ground movement resulting in the cabin no longer being level.  One of the main problems is a pillar on which both the cabin and veranda sit, which is no longer upright

This is particularly affecting the veranda, as is a piece of brick which for some reason had been inserted on top of the front pillar, causing the veranda to be twisted and not level.

So the first task was to remove this

I found an old hoe buried under some soil which proved to be the idea tool for getting under the cabin to excavate soil from around the second pillar

After we jacked up the veranda we were ready to level the pillar and Teres was convinced she could do this

but that was not possible so we used the jack against another pillar to level it

Once the pillar was upright, I mixed up concrete and put around the base of the pillar

We hope this will cure the problem.  Our next task will be to raise the cabin itself.