More repairs to the cabin

During the 30 – 40 years that the cabin has been built, there has been some ground movement resulting in the cabin no longer being level.  One of the main problems is a pillar on which both the cabin and veranda sit, which is no longer upright

This is particularly affecting the veranda, as is a piece of brick which for some reason had been inserted on top of the front pillar, causing the veranda to be twisted and not level.

So the first task was to remove this

I found an old hoe buried under some soil which proved to be the idea tool for getting under the cabin to excavate soil from around the second pillar

After we jacked up the veranda we were ready to level the pillar and Teres was convinced she could do this

but that was not possible so we used the jack against another pillar to level it

Once the pillar was upright, I mixed up concrete and put around the base of the pillar

We hope this will cure the problem.  Our next task will be to raise the cabin itself.


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