Time goes so quickly

So my mum and dads time here has come to an end in the morning we travel to Kiruna Airport, from where they fly back to England.

For our final visit we traveled to the fjälls (mountains)

and to the Saami settlement at Ritsem.

My parents feel it was the past part of the whole visit

There were many beautiful views

and quite a bit of snow on some of the higher peaks

and at Ritsem I was surprised to see a glacier

I return to Ritsem this weekend for the first 6 days of an 11 day course being trained as a guide for the Gränsleden, an historic trail used by Saami people traveling between Sweden and Norway.  We will be walking the trail and have various Saami tutors teaching us about Saami history and culture, plants and their uses, other local wildlife and much more.

I will not be able to write here until I return next weekend but I’m sure I will have much to write about and of course I will take many pictures.


2 thoughts on “Time goes so quickly

  1. Thanks so much for sharing ! I hope your parents enjoyed their stay. Looking forward to your report of the Saami trail. It sounds terrific. Stay safe Buddy. Regards from afar, Charlie.

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