Some bad news and some good…..

Unfortunately Teres had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, but we console ourselves with the thought that its natures way of telling us something was not quite right.

However, thanks to my mum and dad buying me a very early Christmas present, I now have a new camera.  A Panasonic Lumix FX60 and arrived just in time for me to photograph an experiment I was involved with last week to extract Pine Tar from “Fat Wood”.

An oil drum was filled with Fat Wood; which is resin rich heart wood from the centre of a Pine tree roots/stumps which have often lifted out of the ground after the tree has fallen over and become so rot resistant that they remain long after the rest f the tree has decomposed.

A fire is made around the oil drum to heat the fat wood and the resulting liquid runs out of the bottom of the drum via a pipe.

As the wood heats it initially releases a lot of gases (which used to be inhaled to relieve chest congestion)

On a couple of occasions the gases ignited

Eventually a watery brown liquid starts to run out and this can be applied to the skin to treat a variety of skin conditions.

After this the much thicker and darker brown Pine Tar begins to run out

Traditionally it has been applied to timber as a preservative but has many other uses.


10 thoughts on “Some bad news and some good…..

  1. You could start the fire at the top and then move down, that way the tar would not run on coal and be dark and thick. I think it was to hot and a lot of gas escaped due to the short pipe which didn’t allow the gas to cool down.

  2. Best wishes to Teres and yourself. It is most certainly a blow and I admire the wisdom of your words.

  3. So sorry to hear your sad news Kevin, hope you and Teres are coping alright.

    Love your blog, take care and big hug x

  4. Sorry to hear your news. Best wishes to you both!

    Have you tried making Birch Tar? I’m guessing a similar setup to the pine would work?

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