Raising the cabin and a bears den

Last weekend I stayed at my cabin with my friend Hasse.  We were there to finish the work to raise the back half of the cabin, to make it level with the rest.  All the doors and windows had to be opened to avoid damage as the cabin moved.

We used an hydrological jack to raise the cabin and inserted pieces of wood on top of the pillars to keep it level.

The rear of the cabin had to be raised by 4cms and we had to make some adjustments to windows to make them close again.

We found an old piece of kitchen worktop when we moved to our house and this proved ideal to fit into the cabin kitchen

My friend Eric was at his cabin and was keen to show me a bears den not far from the cabins.

The bear had excavated its den under an old ants next (which apparently they often do) and it had removed some very large rocks

Here is a close-up of the entrance

and here is a picture inside the den

On Saturday evening we made a big fire, grilled sausage and drunk some bear and whiskey


6 thoughts on “Raising the cabin and a bears den

  1. Like the piccies of the bears den mate.

    But when you say you drunk’some bear and whiskey’!!!!

    Is this some sort of Swedish custom? 🙂

  2. Hello Kevin.. I am sorry to hear about your sad news.

    I bet wood ants nests generate a fair bit of heat for the beers.. Its a bit like sleeping under a compost heap, which grass snakes and hedgehogs etc make use of over here.. Easy to excavate too. I should imagine the beers eat the ant grubs too..

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