Cabin repairs

The cabin repairs continued last week with work on the kitchen.  As we arrived there were a large number of Waxwings feeding on Mountain Ash/Rowan berries

I had purchased some wood paneling to put on the walls.

It was much more work than I had expected because some of the wood needed to be planed and shaped with a knife

Here are some before and after pictures

and one extra of the new kitchen

When I have more money we will replace the ceiling so I cannot complete the work just now.

I have made a new, rather primitive looking knife, which I will be using next week when working with Reindeer in the mountains (I’m not so worried if it gets lost or damaged).

The two pieces of horn I used form the perfect shape to fit into my hand

The sheath I have made enables the knife to be withdrawn easily with one hand and it holds a firesteel in the front

The sheath also proved useful for holding my pencil while working on the kitchen

I have also now purchased a chainsaw from the local petrol station at a very good price and while at the cabin we collected some Birch nearby, which had been damaged by a snowplough during the winter

We carried the wood the trailer

and it was not long before we had a load to take back to the cabin, cut up and split

Hopefully my next post will be about working with Reindeer….


4 thoughts on “Cabin repairs

  1. Have you ever seen the interior design program with the english dude and his wiev on furu?

    Looks like you are having an amazing time up there

  2. Waxwings are stunning, arn’t they..! I have a good photo of one I once got with my old SLR. I doubt if I will see one this far over, but you never know..
    Do you have any protective gear for that chainsaw..?
    Cabin is looking great.. :0)

    • There are many birds here from the East and Siberia so it may be a good year in the UK this year for Waxwings! Protective gear……yes I am wearing it ;>)

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