Home again

I am back in Nattavaara now and unfortunately its looking less and less likely that the Reindeer slaughter will happen now until November/December.  The family I will be working with have told me that the Reindeer start breeding at the end of September and at this time the meat does not taste so good, so now we must wait until after the breeding season.

And now back to the story of the Hawk Owl (Surnia ulula)…..

I walked out of my cabin at dusk and a pale coloured bird flew from a live Birch into the top of a dead Birch (it really is sitting in the top of that tree!)

After I took this photograph it flew to a large Spruce tree and after a flew seconds ATTEMPTED to fly away, but unfortunately its talons were tangled in some “Old man’s beard moss” and it ended up hanging upside  down from the branch flapping its wings to try and get away.

I went to get a ladder and put up to the tree, but fortunately as I began to climb up, the owl managed to free itself and flew off.  I was very surprised to see it back the next day!……I wonder how many Hawk Owls hang from the Spruce trees of Lapland as decorations????


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